Brokerage Services

Thriving in a difficult business climate propels us to take great strides and leap in front of the competition. Our mission is to provide small and mid-sized company owners and buyers with knowledgeable, creative, professional, company brokerage and related services.


Siegel Business Valuations is qualified to value an owner’s company in preparation for sale, for fairness opinions for a partner or owner “buying in” or for “buying out” a partner or owner, estate tax purposes, divorce settlements, and independent stock valuations related to 401(k) rollover plans.

Business Financing

Siegel Financial Group helps small businesses secure financing from $25,000 up to more than $25,000,000.


The Siegel Group, and its affiliates, help to create the American Dream Day after day, by providing financial services to the America’s small business community. We value businesses, finance businesses, invest in businesses, list and sell businesses and provide a suite of consulting services for businesses.